Salon De Cheveux Mission Statement: Here at Salon De Cheveux, we make every effort to ensure an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. Our team of highly trained stylists offers a multitude of services and sees each guest through to the very end with love and care. You’re invited to come and experience our warm culture and fun environment while having a beverage and getting your beauty on. See you soon!


logo instagramThis year is my ten year. I specialize in color correction. I was an educator for Lanza Healing Haircare and was a lead stylist in their first concept salon on the west coast. I also worked with Aveda, assisting and pursuing further education in California and Minnesota. Born and raised in Encinitas, California I knew I wanted to be a hairdresser since I was a little girl. I had a neighbor who was an educator who was a queen to me. She was so confident and would give me her model doll heads to play with. Years later I got the opportunity to work beside her in a cutting class for Davines. Thank you to her for being my inspiration. The quote I live my life by is, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” But my favorite quote is, “When a girl cuts her hair, she changes her life.”